Macro & Micro Creative Thinker

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

–Robert Greene



  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Website Design & Development
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • UI & UX Design
  • Inclusive Web Design/Accessibility

Technical Skills

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Portrait of Mark through the back of a camera.
Hand drawing with markers.

Creative Skills

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the foundation of my skillset and has provided me with the essential tools that I needed to evolve those skills into a successful career. The training I received as an undergrad and in the early stages of my career helped to develop my skills in typography, hierarchy, and composition which continue to inform my creative decision-making today.

Graphic Design Samples


I never set out to be a photographer. I could appreciate the use of a photograph as a means to creating a layout, but I never really gave it much more thought than that. But as my needs for suitable imagery outpaced available budgets, I figured I could try my hand at taking some photos for projects as needed.

That decision sparked a newfound passion for the photographic medium that I have yet to extinguish. I simply love the melding of having a creative vision, understanding photographic concepts, and having the technical ability to make the equipment do what I want. It’s an endless source of creative exploration for me both professionally as well as personally.

Photography Samples

Website Design & Development

I’ve long held the belief that in order for one to be a good web designer, one needs to be a good designer first. And while I still think that’s true, it was an arrogant point of view. Sure, the concepts of typography, hierarchy, color, and composition are always present, but designing for both the limitations and opportunities of the digital medium require a shift in mindset that took some time to fully recognize.

The more I understood the development of the interfaces I was designing, the better my designs became. The blending of those abilities helps me think deliberately about the design choices I’m making.

Web Design & Development Samples

Video & Motion Graphics

Video has opened up new way of creative thinking for me. It’s one my newest skills and has been energizing to explore the creative and technical aspects of video creation. It has become another tool to have at my disposal to help craft compelling and engaging messages.

The addition of motion graphics — whether in a video or as stand-alone creative — can be a powerful way to deliver content in an engaging way. I enjoy the opportunity to expand the impact of the message with the more unique visual impact that motion can provide.

Video & Motion Graphic Samples

Inclusive Web Design/Accessibility

Some think of web accessibility as a technical requirement on a project brief. A deliverable that is simply added at the end of a project. I think that mindset falls short of the intent of making content accessible to all users. But it’s much more than that. For example, if we only think about accessibility as something tacked on to a building project, then we end up with a wheelchair ramp that is located near the loading dock that is down a dark alley. Technically, the building is wheelchair accessible, but is it, really?

Inclusive design shifts accessibility considerations to the forefront of a project. Thinking inclusively designs that wheelchair ramp into the construction of the building right from the start. It’s part of the design and not an afterthought. In web design, this means using proper HTML elements, descriptive link text, colors with appropriate contrast, and language that speaks to users of all abilities are all part — but definitely not all — of the initial design considerations to take into an account.

About Me

Hi! I’m Mark Golaszewski (pronounced: Golasheski)

I’m currently the senior multimedia designer for Penn State’s Office of University Development. I’ve dedicated more than two decades to honing my creative skills in graphic design, photography, website design & development, user interface/user experience design, video production & motion graphics, and inclusive web design/accessibility. Throughout my career, I’ve never stopped refining my existing skills while pushing myself to learn something new.

But more than the raw creative skills needed to complete tasks, it’s my ability to think about projects on both a macro and micro level that makes me a valuable asset to any creative team. I’m equally energized by coming up with a big idea as I am by working on the tiniest of details to get everything working in harmony. Some creative team members can be laser focused on the details. Others can orchestrate a large project like a maestro conducting a symphony. I am equally comfortable in both roles. When combined with my ever-growing creative skills, I’m well-positioned fill any creative or leadership role.